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Double Glazing

If your home isn’t already double glazed, there are a number of reasons why you should consider this particular home improvement.

As well as enhancing the saleability of your home, it provides better protection from the elements than traditional glazing and keeps heat in during the winter. It can also provide better security and fire safety as well as improving ventilation during the summer.

Double glazing companies have traditionally had quite bad press, being linked to unwanted telephone calls and pushy salesman. If you’re looking to replace your windows and/or doors with a double glazed alternative, ask neighbours and friends for recommendations of local companies in the first instance, or have a look through your local paper to find companies that work in your area.

Importantly, whichever double glazing company you choose should offer guarantees on their work and be able to provide you with examples of work they’ve carried out nearby. Try using the Glass and Glazing Federations’ website to find a glazier, this means you can be sure of speaking to a reputable supplier.


  • Prices vary enormously so make sure you shop around, and get at least 3 quotes.
  • Don’t get pushed into something you’re not entirely happy with.
    Check your chosen company’s credentials.
  • Ask neighbours about the company that fitted their double glazing and get a recommendation if possible.
  • Look at the various ways to finance window/door replacement. Many companies offer finance packages, but these are not always the most cost-effective.