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Garage Conversions

Garages can often end up as a storage place for junk and other unused items rather than for their intended use, so it’s hardly surprising that many people choose to convert their garage space into an extra room.

Adjoining garages often already have a door leading into the house so they provide an ideal and relatively easy way of gaining space without too much disruption to the rest of the household. Think carefully about what you want the space to be used for. For example, if you are looking to gain a study, could it also double as a spare bedroom? Would you like to add a downstairs lavatory or utility room, or do you want to extend your kitchen?

Garages that don’t adjoin the house can also provide extra living space and with more and more people now working from home, there’s been a recent trend towards converting garages into home offices. This often provides an ideal solution to home working – you’re office is on your doorstep, whilst being apart from the distractions of your house.

Whatever your garage type, make sure you seek professional advice about conversion before you start work and contact your local authority to check on planning permission and building regulations.


  • Check with your local authority about planning and building regulations.
  • You want to maximise the space you’re about to create so talk to professionals about how best to achieve this.
  • There is quite a lot to consider, including insulation, ventilation, wall thickness, drainage and foundations – so choose your tradesmen carefully and make sure they are qualified for the job.
  • If your garage doesn’t adjoin the house, make sure there won’t be any difficulty in supplying the outbuilding with the utilities you’ll need.
  • Take a look at the different options for financing your project, and make sure you budget for decoration and furnishing.