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Having a well laid-out, smart kitchen can make a real difference to the quality of domestic life and, if you’re thinking about selling your house, can be a key selling point as it’s often high up on potential buyers’ wish lists.

You might just be looking to replace old, tired kitchen units, or it might be that you’re looking for a complete refit. For a quick update, you may just want to replace the doors of your units, but for a larger change, think about what really annoys you about your current kitchen and how you can change it for the better. It’s worth spending time getting advice and quotes from a range of kitchen companies – quite often a company will visit your home and their consultant may come up with ideas you’d never thought of before.

Alternatively, take a look at offers available at DIY stores, some of which offer a kitchen design service either in-store or on-line. If you choose this option however, remember that you’ll have to find a good kitchen fitter and someone with the necessary qualifications to move any gas or electricity points that may need relocating.

Kitchens vary enormously in price, so if you’re thinking of selling, you should keep the outlay proportionate to the value of your home. There’s no point in over-spending on a kitchen in order to sell your home if you can’t recuperate its cost in your sale price. Equally, if you’re not selling, it’s worth buying the best kitchen you can afford. Kitchens get more heavy duty use than other areas of the house, are a focal point, and you may spend a lot of time in them so it’s worth spending a little bit extra to get it absolutely right for you.


  • Check that you are not under any obligation, financial or otherwise, if you invite a kitchen consultant to your home.
  • Make sure you’re completely happy with your new kitchen layout before any work is started.
  • Make sure the amount you plan to spend is realistic – think about added value if you’re selling up.
  • Make sure all the tradesmen you deal with are qualified to do the job you’re asking of them.
  • Check that your new kitchen has guarantees – both for the kitchen itself (including appliances) and its fitting.
  • Set yourself a budget and think about the different ways of financing your kitchen.