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Painting and Redecorating

There are a number of practical considerations once you’ve decided what you’d like to do. Make sure you select the right materials for the job – paintbrushes that are in good condition are essential. You also need to think about the area you’re painting or papering – busy areas of the house may benefit from scuff resistant paint which doesn’t mark or can be wiped clean. Wood or metal require paints especially designed for the job. And if you’re wallpapering, make sure all the rolls you buy are from the same batch, as rolls from different batches may have a slight colour variation which often only becomes apparent when you’ve finished the job.


  • Plan your work before you do it.
  • Make sure you’re able to finance the project fully.
  • Buy the right materials for the job. Don’t forget that hiring tools can be a cost effective option e.g. wallpaper steamers, floor sanders.
  • Seek advice from your local stockists.
  • Read the instructions and follow them – don’t take short cuts.
  • Prepare the areas you’re decorating properly – the more time spent on this part of the job the better the end result.
  • Wear suitable clothing.
  • Clean your utensils immediately after use.